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Antony Chan

Husband, Dad, and Software Engineer specializing in Frontend Development for 12+ years, working in a professional environment

I've worked as a Frontend Engineer at Yahoo! and currently at Tinder. Combined, I have about ~12 years of web development experience, working with the latest web technologies such as React, Redux, and it's entire ecosystem.

With all this hard-earned experience, I figured it might be a good time use my passion for developing simple, clean, and intuitive web applications to help small businesses, while staying up-to-date with web technologies.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I set my targets on local businesses around Sunnyvale. My goal is to make sure my clients can easily be discovered by potential customers, and when these cusomters do find my clients, they are delighted with a web application that fully informs them of what my clients can offer them. I want to help my clients be successful in every respect!